Marc Bedingfield - Born in Ipswich in 1974, I have always enjoyed spending time in the countryside and started to study Environmental Conservation in 1990. Here I learned to appreciate the delicate balance of nature from the intricate eco systems of the heath lands to the issues of coastal erosion. I try to bring my knowledge of the environment in to the work I produce, documenting the landscape around us and representing it in my own style. I use a Canon EOS 5D and a Canon lens for my work and I try to make use of the dramatic light found at the beginning and end of the day to bring a sense of atmosphere to landscapes I am photographing. I don’t use colour filters in my photographs as the natural light and colours found at these times of day are dramatic enough. The only filters I use are a polarizer and ND grads to balance exposure and saturation. When I'm working in my native county of Suffolk the flat nature of the region means the sky features heavily in the image so a good sky can help to add interest and depth to an image.

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May 2014
Roger Voller


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