Ian Biggs - The photos you see here are split between my home county of Northamptonshire and the Scottish Highlands.  Having started out with 35mm these days I concentrate on B&W, printing up to 20x24" from my large format 5x4 camera which I have heavily modified for ease of use & portability in the hills.  My Highland trips are normally from late September to April and generally involve wild camping in all seasons and weather as I prefer to appreciate the landscape as well as creating images, being in the wild on a peaceful dawn or dusk can't be put into words and more than makes up for the effort involved and days of disappointing weather.  Stormy days when mother nature throws its worst at you are perhaps the most inspiring for B&W photographyand lend themselves perfectly to B&W printing where you can accentuate the mood and drama.



May 2014
Roger Voller


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