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HAY & HILL GALLERY. 23 Cork Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 3NJ. Tel: 020 7734 7010. e-mail web: Open: Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm. Nearest Tube Green Park/Piccadilly.

Until - 18th July 2009. KATYA EVDOKIMOVA & AL LAPOVSKY - Time & Tide. Both photographers come with an impressive CV but Al's style is mostly characterized as being edgy, contents mysterious, and the mood-dark. Having said that, however, his unconventional approach - and as a rule the most unpredictable result – is set, on the contrary, as though to extract the deepest and the most hidden feelings from within. The main criteria are to see beyond the obvious, interpret as one sees it for oneself, read between the lines and stay true to your own yourself…

Until and Fog from "Time & Tide" by Al Lapovsky

Katya Evdokimova was born 30 April 1976. Originally from Saint Petersburg, Katya Evdokimova is a photographer who lives and works in the UK. After earning her BA from University College London in 1999 she has found herself since 2003 captivated by and single-mindedly committed to the medium of photography. Self-taught, she has since had her work exhibited in various shows around the world including Royal Photographic Society’s 147th and 152nd International Print Exhibitions in the UK in 2004 and 2009 respectively, at Musée de L’Elysée’s, Lausanne, Switzerland, and at the Cooper Union, New York, in 2007.

Untitled 1 & 5 from "Time & Tide" by Katya Evdokimova

REVIEW by Sophie Martin-Castex

Beautifully surrounded by Rodin's figures this exhibition consists of very different works but each compliments the other and all are of exquisite beauty and form. Katya's work is mysterious and emphemeral, veiled glimpses of face, hair, a breast and eyes are portayed through a beautifully lit cloth both obscuring yet defining the details.

Al has a harder edge and is prone to montage. Superbly lit studio sets where a blue dress tiptoes towards an empty bath or a towel and dressing gown clad woman spills her drink in shock as her PC explodes. Yet Al explores a landscape theme too with superb images like "Fog" and "Untitled" shown above



THE.GALLERY@OXO. Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9NH. Tel: 020 7021 1600. Web: Open: Daily 11am - 6pm.

26th March - 5th April. JASPAL JANDU - Natural Wonders: A Panoramic Vision. This incredible exhibition takes visitors on a journey through more than twenty of the earth’s most treasured natural wonders. From the drama of Alaska to the majesty of the Aurora and the Himalayas, Jandu’s work is the result of numerous expeditions, each meticulously timed to capture nature’s landmarks at their most beautiful and imposing. Jaspal Jandu’s project involved often gruelling travel across six continents over a four-year period with a high precision panoramic film camera. It was a journey that highlighted both the beauty of nature and the fragility of our planet’s ecosystems. As this exhibition reveals, in the face of mankind’s relentless expansion, nature’s last remaining wonders represent a precious but nonetheless vulnerable legacy.

Read Sophie's interview with Jaspal here
buy Jaspal's book here Natural Wonders: A Panoramic Vision


Jaspal and UKL's Sophie

In what amounts to a blast of fresh air, Jaspal launched his “Natural Wonders” exhibition where his panoramic prints looked simply fantastic!  This exhibition shows what photography can do and Jaspal offers beauty as his world view.  Each image is stunning both in subject and in quality of print as well as technique.  Jaspal is a craftsman of his art and has created a masterpiece with his panoramic camera.

Review & Photo's © Sophie Martin-Castex


HACKELBURY FINE ART. 4 Launceston Place, W8 5RL, London. Tel: 020 7937 8688, e-mail: Nearest Tube Gloucester Road. Open: Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm. Adm free.

Extended Until - 28th March. Michael Kenna. Always seeking to present high quality shows, the charming HackelBury Gallery is delighted to present the latest work of renowned photographer Michael Kenna, at present exhibited in more than 20 galleries worldwide and author of 18 books.


The 50 photographs on show are mostly black and white landscapes with a very intimate and romantic atmosphere.  Michael Kenna said of his work “I often think of my work as a visual haiku, little visual poems”.  Here, we see delicate views of Japan, very dear to the artist, but also of New York, Moscow, Rio, Prague, Venice, Paris and even Mont St Michel in France. 

This particular atmosphere comes from not only his sense of choice his subject, his framing and composition but also from the long exposure time he uses which sometimes force him to spend an entire night outside waiting for the correct light.  Always searching for the beauty of the outside world, his images ignore trends and are timeless.

Review & Photo's © Raphaël Dupouy


MICHAEL HOPPEN GALLERY. Ground Floor, 3 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TD. Tel: 020 7352 3649.
e-mail Open: Tues - Fri 12noon - 6pm, Sat 10.30 - 4pm.
Nearest Tube South Kensington/Sloane Square Circle & District and Piccadilly Line. Adm Free

Until - 29th March . SCARLETT HOOFT GRAAFLAND - You Winter, Lets Get Divorced.
In this new series, Hooft Graafland successfully combines straight photographic practise with performance and sculpture. The resulting work is delightful - visually engaging yet constantly referring to a more profound cultural discourse. Using a surrealist language of intriguing visual jokes, Hooft Graafland wittily alludes to her anthropological interests and environmental concerns. For You Winter, let’s get divorced, she spent four months living in Igloolik in the northern reaches of Canada. The beauty of the harsh natural landscape with its infinite snow and ice forms Scarlett’s canvas and playground - a pair of rubber gloves are joined in prayer before an iceberg- is their wearer imprisoned under the snow or perhaps attempting an appeal to save the huge yet vulnerable iceberg from its imminent demise.


Beautifully crafted images from this talented Dutch artist inspire a sense of depth, peace and harmony whilst viewing her images. Taken on 6x7cm format using Fuji film's Reala negatives these pin sharp photographs are a delight. Originally working as a sculptor Scarlett has created works of art in the snow that are reminiscent of Andy Goldsworthy's except these have a wonderful sense of humour. Images are limited to an edition of 6 and can be purchsed in two sizes 120x150cm @ £5200, and 100x125 @ £4500 unframed.
Review & Photo's © Sophie Martin-Castex


COUNTY ARMS. 345 Trinity Road, London, SW18 3SH. Tel: 020 8874 8532. e-mail: Web:

Until - 22nd March. STEPHANIE NYUNT. By both absorbing ambience and actively searching for locations, I’m finding images worth photographing everywhere.  The key is composition.  Photography is my way of interpreting the world and showing my perspective from harsh realities and the unsuspected labyrinths that surround us all, 24/7.


Still at 6th form college, steph's work has a passion beyond her years and we feel she will go a long way in photography. Her work here is an eclectic mixture of subjects including pinhole camera work, phone photos and conventional though all are digitally printed by UKlandscape. But each image shows her emerging skill and talent.
Review & Photo's © Sophie Martin-Castex


NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY. St Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE. Tel: 020 7312 2463
Web: Open: Daily 10am - 6pm Thurs & Fri open until 9pm. Nearest Tube Charing Cross, Leicester Square and Embankment.

Until - 15th February 2009. TAYLOR WESSING PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT PRIZE 2008. This competition showcases the work of the most talented emerging young photographers, photography students and gifted amateurs alongside that of established professionals.

This year’s competition attracted over 2,500 photographers who together submitted more than 6,700 images. The resulting exhibition of sixty works, includes the four prize-winners and the winner of the Godfrey Argent Award, which this year goes to the photographer who submitted the best portrait in black and white.

Bag, 2007© Hendrik Kerstens


A fantastic array of different portraiture styles, from traditional head & shoulders through to social documentary, photo-journalistic and the "sitter in their environment" portrait. The quality of the collective exhibition is extraordinarily high with many of the images having the WOW factor, the winner of the Godfrey Argent award particularly so. My only complaint was I felt the overall winner was one of the weakest images because of its recreation of a painting and the first prize should have gone to the above photographer with his brilliant, double take image "The Bag" by Hendrik Kerstens.
Review © Maggie Bunce for UKlandscape.


ATLAS GALLERY. 49 Dorset Street, London, W1U 7NF. Tel: 020 7224 4192. e-mail: Nearest Tube Baker Street. Open: Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm. Adm free

Until- 14th February 2009. MICHAEL LIGHT- Full Moon, the Apollo and Gemini photographs. 'FULL MOON' is Michael Light's celebrated and defining selection from NASA'S library of over 32,000 pictures from the Apollo and Gemini missions. For the first time ever, 900 of the master negatives and transparencies were allowed offsite so that Light could scan them electronically to produce the sharpest images of space that have ever been seen.

Hadley Rille-Apollo 15 ........Taking a sample-Apollo 15

Light created a composite journey beginning with the launch, followed by a walk in space, an orbit of the moon, a lunar landing and exploration and a return to Earth with an orbit and splash down. The photographs reveal not only the hardware of lunar exploration in exquisite detail, but also the profound aesthetics of space, in what might be called the ultimate landscape photography.
'FULL MOON' large format photographs were first exhibited at Hayward Gallery in 1999, but this will be the first time they are exhibited for sale in the UK. Michael Light will attend the opening and be giving a detailed account of the first journeys into space.


These images from NASA are an encapsulation of one thing we will never be likely to achieve in our lifetimes; a view of what it’s like to be in space and on the moon!  This reworking of these momentous images by the technically skilled Michael Light (above) with his scanning magic are the closest we will get to go into space. Standing up in front of each picture is actually an interaction with history.  Our mind is challenged to reach the unreachable, and once the impact of these incredible views has been processed by our terrestrial minds: that’s it: we ARE in space, and this is something you don’t want to miss!

Review & Photo's © Sophie Martin-Castex

The quality and sharpness of the images add a whole new dimension to this feeling of having made the journey and have to be seen to be believed.  A truly extraordinary experience well presented at this delightfully intimate gallery. Prices range from £1200 for a limited edition of 50 image size 24.5"sq and up to £15,000 for an image of the Taurus-Littrow valley which is an edition of 25 and is sized 48"x288".


NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY. St Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE. Tel: 020 7312 2463
Web: Open: Daily 10am - 6pm Thurs & Fri open until 9pm. Nearest Tube Charing Cross, Leicester Square and Embankment.

Until - 1st February 2009. ANNIE LEIBOVITZ - A Photographers Life 1990 - 2005. One of the most celebrated photographers of our time, Annie Leibovitz has been making witty, powerful images documenting American popular culture since the early 1970s, when her work began appearing in Rolling Stone. She became the magazine's chief photographer in 1973, and ten years later began working for Vanity Fair, and then Vogue, creating a legendary body of work. With over 150 photographs, Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005 shows iconic images of famous public figures together with personal photographs of her family and close friends. Arranged chronologically, they project a unified narrative of the artist's private life against the backdrop of her public image. 'I don't have two lives,' Leibovitz says. 'This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it.'

My Brother Philip and My Father, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1988
Photograph © Annie Leibovitz


I admit to pleasure at seeing four large prints of Queen Elizabeth at the entrance including a beautiful image of her posing in the Buckingham Palace grounds; making her seem a regal yet also a fantasy figure.  This feeling of fantasy didn’t dispel as more celebrity sitters revealed aspects of themselves, normally hidden, to Annie Leibovitz’s camera.  In between the images from Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Gap were interposed photos of Annie’s family and life long friend Susan Sontag which only added to the awesome atmosphere where startlingly beautiful and original works are commonplace.  Political portraits enhanced teamwork or strength of purpose.  Actors showed beauty as in the Leonardo DiCaprio photo or stillness with Daniel Day Lewis.  The family photos brought a human side to the professional work and revealed a wholeness to Annie’s work that the title aptly encompasses “A Life In Pictures”.

Review & Photo's © Sophie Martin-Castex


SPIRO ARK GALLERY. 25-26 Enford St, London W1H 1DW. Tel: 020 7723 9991. e-mail:  Web: Open: Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm, weekends by arrangement. Nearest Tube Baker St & Edgeware Rd (Circle & District/Bakerloo line).

Until - 11th January 2009. ADI ASHKENAZI - NYC Parades, Portraits with Pzazz & Israel-A Perspective. A talented Israeli, born in 1969, photographer, Adi Ashkenazi has always had his own exacting vision and uses the latest techniques of mixing photography with digital art. This gives his work a freshness and truly unique quality. Adi is renowned for pushing at the boundaries in order to express himself. In 1995, he opened a Laser Show Production company in Israel, creating a unique art presentation and animation with 3D in real time. After moving to study in the USA, he obtained his BA degree and staged various exhibitions in the States and Israel during the intervening years.


Adi Ashkenazi with a portrait from NYC Parades.

Take a successful New York commercial photographer and drop him into a halloween themed New York parade with his camera and pretty soon you'll get a brilliant series of portraits with sitters enjoying their anonymity behind their costumes and face paints, allowing themselves to be much freer than possibly in a more formal setting. Adi makes the most of this freedom and captures some quite superb character and emotions in a situation where enjoyment abounds.

Couple the portraits with a personal perspective of his country, Israel, where street scenes mingle with monuments and a gathering is silhouetted against a dramatic setting sun; so the exhibition rounds off nicely. The prints are beautifully produced and arranged, technically and aesthetically brilliant with a lot of soul behind each. This is Adi's first UK exhibition, I'm sure he will have many more.
Review & Photos © Sophie Martin-Castex for UKlandscape


GETTY IMAGES. 46 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DX. Tel: 020 7291 5380. Open Mon - Fri 10.30 6.30, Sat 12-6. adm free. Nearest Tube Oxford Circus. Exhibition Moved to Westfield, First Floor Village Hall, Shepherds Bush.

December 2008. London Through A Lens. Some pictures depict a recognisably modern city; some seem to come from another lifetime. Some people are posing for the photographer, but many are oblivious to the camera’s eye. The sources of the images are equally varied too – Fleet Street newspapers, commercial photography agencies, private collections, photojournalism magazines (notably the ground-breaking Picture Post) – and are a tribute to the richness and diversity of Getty Images’ holdings.

The result is a portrait of London, but an idiosyncratic and inevitably incomplete one, where celebration and protest, the individual and the crowd, the momentous and the mundane all have their place. We hope this exhibition is entertaining and surprising, and reveals how much the capital has changed, and how much it hasn’t. Most of all, we hope that it captures something of the endless variety and interest of life in London.

images courtesy Getty Images


Getty Images’ ‘London Through a Lens’ photographic exhibition has moved from the Eastcastle Street gallery to a venue in The Village, Westfield, the new London shopping centre.

The exhibition space is considerably smaller but the quality of the images in this free exhibition makes a visit worthwhile, it features a selection of images capturing all aspects of life in London . The pictures were chosen from Getty Images' Hulton archive to mark the launch of a new book ‘London Through a Lens’.

The photographs portray a diversity of images from ‘Elephant Stopping a Tram’, ‘Huntsmen and their Hounds in Oxford St. 1926’, to ‘John Lennon and Yoko Ono giving their newly cut hair to black power leader Michael X, 1970’. On a darker side the exhibition includes the Kray brothers, Reggie and Ronnie as amateur boxers posing with their mother Violet, before they went on to become notorious London gangsters.

Well worth a visit to Shepherds Bush.

Review © Maggie Bunce.


ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART. Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU. Tel: 020 7590 4444. Web: Ring for opening hours. Nearest Tube Gloucester Road/Kensington High Street - Circle & District Lines.

Until - 25th October 2008. SARAH MOON - 1 2 3 4 5. Model turned photographer, Sarah Moon's distinct commercial and personal work have made her a 'Grande Dame' of contemporary photography. To date there have been over 35 solo exhibitions of her diverse and prolific work. She won the Grand National Prize for Photography in 1995, her feature film Mississippi One became a cult film in Japan, her book Coincidences brought her international esteem, and her fashion work for editorial and advertising including Cacharel, J-P Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto, have all ensured that her iconic and celebrated style is now instantly recognisable.

© Sarah Moon


We see a lot of photography each year, much of it brilliant, much mediocre, some occasionally even appalling, yet Sarah Moon highlights the difference between the everyday and the artistic brilliance of possibly the best photo artist working today.

Her images are mysterious, evocative, ethereal, disturbing yet always breathtakingly beautiful. Dark, moody, often stained yet her prints are always provocative. This exhibition is HIGHLY recommended!

Review & Photo's © Sophie Martin-Castex

Just go and see it!


ARNDEAN GALLERY. 23 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NJ. Open: 10.30 - 6pm Mon - Sat. Adm: Free. Tel: Julie on 01903 770103. Nearest Tube: Piccadilly - Piccadilly Line, Green Park - Piccadilly/Jubilee Line.

22nd - 27th September 2008. AMBRA PATERNO COSTELLO - Africa Within, A Journey To The South East. Ambra has travelled extensively around East Africa during the past three years, where she has focused her work on local culture and people. Her portraits capture the decisive moment and expression of a face, a gesture, a smile, whose simplicity and spontaneity can tell more than a thousand words, a fascinating and never ending story. Ambra's photos are emotions, instants on paper, unique and fragile but powerful moments of expression. Working in both colour and black & white, her style is modern and distinctive yet boasting a timeless, classical edge. Ambra lives in London and this is her first solo exhibition. Having just returned from her latest expedition in Uganda, Ambra chose the charity 'Children of Uganda' to support. Giving a large percentage from the proceeds of the sales, plus kind donations during this exhibiton within the gallery.

In addition to the Children of Uganda Charity support, throughout the exhibition-  On Friday 27th,  Fine Art Promotions who are the curators of the exhibiton will be taking part in the McMillian Charity's "UK Biggest Coffee Morning". Everyone is welcome in for a coffee, cake and free viewing, in return of a gestured donation to the charity.


“Africa Within” contains a couple of landscapes and reportage but mostly portraits, some candid and others where the subject interacts directly with, and for, the photographer in wide eyed poses that affect the viewer by their openness and trust.  Shot in Madagascar and Mozambique the photos carry no overt political message yet imply a sympathy for a different life.  Ambra works using a macro lense adapted to a digital camera which gives an intimate air to the photos and particularly to their eyes which often seem to be questioning, yet what is the answer?  The colour photos were printed on digital C-Type paper and the B/W’s on Lambda.  All prints are for sale at prices between £250 and £500 limited edition and the majority goes to the charity mentioned below.  Moving portraits, exciting action shots and delicate landscapes make this exhibition a little gem not to be missed.

Review Photos: © Sophie Martin-Castex


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