Photo Opportunities - Number five

UKlandscape Workshop for the Jersey Photographic Society.

After a meeting and a discussion with Ms Sheila Baudains, a member of the Jersey Photographic Society,when "Winter Exposed" was being exhibited at the Jersey Arts Centre we got very excited at the idea of taking an interpretive landscape workshop on the Island; Jersey has to be one of the most beautiful and photogenic places in the British Isles if not Europe! So dates, times and locations were all finally arranged. UKlandscape's Brian Sharland and Sophie Martin-Castex were leading the workshop and were to meet the group at the Cheval Roc Hotel, Bonne Nuit Bay, on Jerseys rocky north west coast. So, bright and early on a bit of an overcast Saturday morning the group made their way to Gros Nez where the remains of a Napoleonic fort crowns the headland.

Cheval Roc Hotel Pool and Gros Nez Path by Sophie Martin-Castex

The group immediately split up as each member pursued their own visions across the heather and wind swept grass. Despite the moorland type of terrain there were interesting gullies to explore, mushrooms abounded in the grass and Sophie was soon explaining how her really small Ixus was actually an ideal tool for her preferred micro-landscape technique. After a short while the landscape was littered with bottoms pointing skyward as group members burrowed around in the grass looking for small locations to photograph, delighted to explore this new genre. The next location was a small rocky cove surrounded by imposing tall cliffs and a very steep staircase to the beach. Plemont is quite simply lovely! Very sheltered and when the tide is out sea caves are accessible giving another unusual viewpoint.

Plemont Beach and the sea cave by Brian Sharland

From here we moved to Greve Du Lecq, a more open beach where the group quickly got down to photographing rock formation, the stream meandering across the beach and the crashing surf.

The beach by Brian Sharland and The Surf by Sophie Martin-Castex

After a break for lunch we heaed for the dunes between the airport and the spectacular St Ouen's beach. The dunes are photographically interesting because not only of the prehistoric remains but also for the more modern world war two defences left behind by the occupying German army in 1945. St Ouens is another must see location, five miles of golden sand, martello towers, la maison blanche (a listed building on the sea front) and La Corbière, a very dramatic setting for a lighthouse.

Sophie photographing La Corbière and Monument to a shipwreck by Brian Sharland

As well as the photographic society members the group also contained several tourists to the island who had decided to join the course and were made very welcome too. On the whole the standard of photography was very high and the workshop finished in the hotel bar with a presentation of the days images. Certainly an great way to end a day spent capturing images of this delightful island.

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April 2014
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