Winter Exposed

In the summer of 2002 we at UKlandscape were very aware that we had a body of work taken in Britain under all weather conditions that was a unique entity in itself. Thousands of images from over 150 photographers both professional and non-professional alike all taken for two reasons; a love of landscape and a love of our beautiful island home. Nowhere else in the world has such a wide variety of environments in such a small area as the UK. With everything from mountains, wetlands and heaths to moors, coasts and downland the UK is blessed with many areas of both natural beauty and scientific interest. So we at UKL put our heads together and came up with the idea of Winter Exposed. With this as a paper proposal we approached Kew Gardens and spoke to the very lovely and helpful Laura Guifrida. She loved the project and it was passed to the gardens governing body who loved it too! Then the work began; contact our photographers for images, select them down to a few hundred, get them to Laura for a final winnowing out to 50, contacting the guest photographers we wanted and asking if would they agree to provide an image, happily they all said yes! Then looking for money to pay for the framing and printing. Epson kindly stepped in after what seemed a very fruitless series of phone calls, letters and e-mails, offering printers, paper, ink and cash in order to get the exhibition underway. By this time Laura had given up trying to reduce the hundreds of images she has looked at, down to 50, and had got stuck at 65. It was decided we'd go with that number plus the contributions from our guests who were Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish, Fay Godwin, Heather Angel, Andrea Jones, Barry Thornton and Jean-Luc Chapin. This brought the number up to 72 from 33 selected UKlandscape contributors including, luckily, both UKL founders among the photographers chosen in a blind selection. When the printing was finished the next job was framing, we chose The London Picture Company, who did us proud and finished the work beautifully and with plenty of time for hanging.

Nerves abounded on the day we were due to open but it turned into a day that will live with us forever! The exhibition recieved nothing but praise and looked amazing. Overall the exhibition did brilliantly, Kew extended its run by another month and it reached an audience of 95,000 visitors in its 10 week run, an increase of over 5% on the same period the previous year. UKL's publicity efforts were acknowledged the main reason for that increase and the exhibition has never failed to increase the average audience of whatever venue its been shown at. It still tours and to see where it is going next click the links to UKlandscape's next exhibitions or go to the "What's On" pages of UKL.

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