The Not A Crime Campaign

Rob Jarvis, UKlandscape's latest member, attended the Trafalger Square gathering and took the following photos which clearly show the level of support for the movement.

Photo's © Rob Jarvis

Section 44 should not be applied to photographers going about their lawful pursuits!

Pauline Hadaway - The new Manifesto Club report, written by Pauline Hadaway, the director of Belfast Exposed photography, argues that the assault on street photography represents a suspicion of the citizen, verging on paranoia, that identifies the citizen photographer as a potential pedophile or terrorist. “There are an increasing number of ‘no-go’ or touchy subjects for citizen photography. As a result, many children are growing up with gaps in the family photo album – no sports day or first swim photos - and as a society we have big gaps in our archives". Anxieties around street photography are hitting amateur photographers hard in England. Attitudes to street photography in Northern Ireland remain more relaxed, although anecdotal reports of challenges to photographers are growing. Certainly there seems to be a nervousness amounting to self censorship around ‘no go areas’, including:

·      Photographs in parks or at the seaside, where children are playing

·      Subjects related to authority – CCTV cameras, policemen.

·      Subjects related to any potential terrorist threat - transport facilities, official buildings, Arab-origin people taking photos, political demonstrations. Belfast Exposed will be hosting a discussion on this problem 29th September. For details go to

Police routinely invoke anti-terror legislation to prevent photographers from carrying out their work, and photojournalists are constantly filmed at public gatherings and their details kept on an ever-growing database. station. Put simply, Britain has become a no-photo zone, and so if you fail to comply, you may find yourself liable to attack, arrest or harassment. Recognising that Britain is not the only country where such a draconian anti-photographer culture is developing, UKlandscape is proud to be part of this campaign in order to turn this around! To add your photo to the protestors go to

Increasing concerns about terrorism, paedophilia, health and safety, personal privacy and plain old paranoia about pretty much anything Her Majesty’s subjects get up to has resulted in a deep mistrust of photographers.

Over the next year we hope to gather thousands of self-portraits of
photographers-professional and amateur—from around the world, each holding up a white card with the words, ‘Not a crime’ or ‘I am not a terrorist’.

Sophie Martin-Castex

Brian Sharland

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