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SMC: What was the initial project from the Almadad Foundation?

The Al Madad Foundation has links with UNICEF and they organise photographic events that raise the money and highlight’s the condition of disadvantaged children in order to help alleviate their poverty.  The Foundation sent us to the Niger in order to record the plight of children there.  Myself (Anthony Dawton), Giuseppe Aquila and Jim McFarlane worked as a team to record the conditions that children live in there.  As we worked as a team we decided not to credit individuals for taking a particular photo as a team member would be talking to a child whilst another took photos and it could have been either or all of us at that moment.

SMC: How were you selected to exhibit at the Sony World Photography Awards?

The foundation was exhibiting “Desert Faces - Silent Witnesses of the Niger drought” at a venue in London where it was seen by a member of the Sony World Photography Awards team and we were invited to exhibit at the awards not only for the very high quality of the photo-journalism but also for the team work, both unusual in documentary photography.  It is an excellent opportunity for the Foundation as it is a very high profile event and it will be an honour to be there!

SMC: What benefits will arise from this exhibition?

The Foundation will directly benefit from the publicity but also from the spin-offs such as the increase in book and prints sales and from gaining a wider audience for its work.  The exposure has also brought in more interest from commerce with offers of sponsorship and funding for future projects.

Quote from the Al Madad website:

We are very proud to announce that Al Madad's recent Desert Faces photographic exhibition has been invited to appear at the prestigious Sony World Photographic Awards in Cannes.

The exhibition, appearing alongside those from photographic legends such as Marc Riboud and the Magnum photographers Bruce Davidson and Stuart Franklin, will be a wonderful platform for Al Madad and its Silent Witnesses project.

To buy this book from Amazon click this link
Desert Faces: The Silent Witnesses of the Niger Drought

To buy Al Madad's "The Lives Of Palestine's Children" from Amazon click the following link
Silent Witnesses: The Lives of Palestine's Children



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