Britain In View - Six photographers from the Britain In View Exhibition at The Oxo Gallery, March 2008 talk to Brian Sharland.

Baxter Bradford (and son!)

David Sellman

A fantastic showcase of how good Britain looks.  The exhibition is a spectrum of what to seek when taking pictures in the UK.  This will help encourage more of the public to get out there and take pictures.

It’s just another photo to be honest, a place I visit very often, conditions are always different and it looked good.  I wanted to include the cliffs the left hand to give the photo a bit of depth. I also wanted a different angle on the cliffs than is usually taken.  I still use film, Fuji Velvia 50 obviously and I shot this on my Mamiya RB67.

Jaspal Jandu

Philip Fenton

It really is a proud moment to have my photos raise the profile of fine art landscape photography in the UK but I talk to people about the incredible lack of appreciation of landscape photography here.  If you go to countries like the US, Australia and France there is genuine appreciation of beautiful landscape with galleries happy to exhibit it.  I want to be a part of that vanguard movement to convince buyers here that fine art landscape photography is a valid art form.  I think the environmental issue will help force a bigger interest in landscape photography.

Known locally as Dinosaur Egg Beach this SSSI site has rocks littered about the area having fallen out the cliffs, they vary in size from a hens egg up to more than a metre in length.  We arrived at sunrise and sat there all day waiting for the weather to break, giving up briefly to have lunch; finally just before sunset a break appeared in the clouds but only for a few seconds but still giving me just about enough to take the shot.  I am a convinced film user sticking to the landscape photographers only choice, Fuji Velvia.


Jon Gibbs

Tony Pleavin

I dropped out of photography a bit but in 2001 when I bought a mamiya 35mm I caught the bug again quite seriously, then quickly got fed up with quality of the format and moved onto 6x7 before swapping the whole lot for a Canon 1DS mkII (16 megapixel).  Landscape photography was always natural move for me, I have itchy feet to get out.  My favourite location has to be Skye it is my ambition to be in a position to do a book on the island.



I started taking photos as a kid using my dad’s camera at a motorcycle race as I was (and still am) a bit of a petrol head.  My dad then bought me an slr camera and at that time I didn’t really care what subject I took, though I had a book published on how to photograph motor sport events.  But living in a rural area I found I loved nature and moved naturally into landscape photography.  The two aren’t mutually exclusive and I can move from one to the other though landscape has always been there, I’ve had breaks but I’ve always gone back to it.  Currently I use various Fuji S3 pro’s and Noblex swing lens panoramic camera shooting Fuji Velvia.

Photos: Sophie Martin-Castex @ UKL


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