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Anthony Jones
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Age: 43

What is your background? Studies and previous jobs. My early interest was in art but for some reason I worked in printing, silk-screen and then into digital printing and reprographics.

What is your current project? I'm working on different things which will come together as a project.

Your Work:

Would you say that your work is selling photography as art? Selling prints is part of what I do. The demand for prints in this country doesn't seem to be sufficient to make a living. Not yet anyway.

What kind of collectors buy your work? Companies more than individuals; banks, investment companies. I'm giving them images of themselves. The other people who buy my work are those who need to think about it, a lot - sometimes for years! I am always very flattered because I know it is a big investment, emotionally (and financially).

What was your first sale, and how did you feel when you made it? Many years ago I used to be a member of an artists collective gallery in Brixton (south London) and they had an end of year show. I sold a few photographs but can't remember what they were of, pretty awful I'm sure!

Do you notice changes in their requirements, their choices, their expectations? I produce work which satisfies my taste and whilst it is good if it touches others, its not my aim.

I guess you have to navigate between all sorts of photographic requirements..what is the range of subjects you have to shoot? Portraits and art photographs/images of the urban environment.

What is the strangest thing you had to shoot? A pub near the Kings Road (London) and a pregnant woman nude as a present for her ex-partner!

What changes would you make in your method of work, if any? I would like to be more prolific and to have the luxury to work solidly on a project through to completion.

Your Gear:

Your equipment? Darkroom and camera? An old Hassleblad 500 CM, nothing advanced but its not really about that, its all about looking.

Black/White or colour? What do you prefer? Black & white, I need to see the design, the structure, to be able to break it down so my eye can bounce around the frame. Colour is another discipline but I haven't finished what I'm doing.

Do you print your own pictures? - If so, what medium do you prefer to print on? I prefer Ilford Warmtone, I'm using the matt surface for all new work to bring out the graphic.

Do you have a digital camera? Only on my mobile! I don't have an issue with digital but film is right for my place in photography.

Your Pictures:

What was your first step in photography? My father died in 1987, with some of my inheritance I bought a camera, a Minolta which I still own. It's been nearly twenty years and I hope my father approves.

Along your photographic career, did you go through different phases, different styles? When I started I was very political, I went to demonstrations, photographed homeless people. Then one day I asked myself "why am I doing this what am I saying?". I didn't have an answer. So I stopped. Just because I'm now photographing buildings doesn't mean there isn't an 'issue', there is, its just more subtle. I like it that way.

What is your favourite picture? Can you tell us the story to go with it? Recently I have been photographing the 'London Eye' and one particular image of a tree, three people leaning on a wall and part of the wheel on the right really pleased me.

Are you the type of photographer who just takes one shot on a subject? It’s not possible to say everything about a subject in one photograph, is it?

Do you like to show your pictures? 'Like' is not exactly the right word to describe how I feel about exhibitions. Its important on many levels to show ones work and it is 'useful'.

Do you think you have a fair opinion on others photographer's work? It helps to know where one fits into the scheme of things, within photography. Once one understands that, one can appreciate every ones work.

Your most "big disappointment" in photography? I'd rather not answer that question.

What is your favourite "ingredient " for a good photo? Drama and mystery!

Your Inspiration:

Are you just suddenly inspired ? Or do you plan a project? I find I have a few photographs that fit together and they become the start of a project.

Your View On:

What do you thing about Contemporary Art Photography? ...each aeroplane is flying in a different flight path for a different destination.

What about the current state of photographic art sales? Not what it should be.

Do you think all photographers want fame? Why? (in any case) There are easier ways of becoming famous!

Can you describe yourself in 3 words? Introspective, reserved, thoughtful

What would be your advice to a young photographer? Don't try to be 'different', just for the sake of it.

Your Dream:

What is your photographer's dream? To realise my potential to produce better work, be respected and feel fulfilled.

This space is not a question. It's your "Free Speech Space". Go on! You can say whatever you like! Though I happily agreed to do this interview, I am contradicting myself when I say, I hope people will look at my work and not me.

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